Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wheatgrass and Gum Disease

I am a raw food believer and already use wheatgrass juice in my raw food smoothies to improve my overall health. However, I never thought that wheatgrass also could help with my gum disease.

For years I had gingivitis but nobody told me or educated me. Then I made the mistake not to take care of my health as I was working long hours and deep in the night and morning time without brushing my teeth in and between. I didn't realize it wasn't enough to brush my teeth in the morning and evening when evening means in the early morning hours. Did you know that tartar changes to plaque that can't be easily removed after 8 hours? Now I know too. But back to my current situation: I developed a periodontal disease now and have to take special care of my gums and teeth to decrease the illness.

Because I am in such a deep desperation now I paid more attention to the food I am eating and the meaning for my body.

I found out that wheatgrass juice (I already drank it in my green smoothies) itself helps a lot to decrease gum infections.

How Wheatgrass Juice Helps To Improve Our Oral Health:

Wheatgrass has the ability to destroy harmful germs and neutralizes bacteria. As a natural immune booster, wheatgrass juice is perfect to use as a natural mouth wash in the morning and night time. This is a mouth wash that is healthy to swallow afterward too.

I started it few days ago and it calms down my infected gums (they don't seem so swollen anymore) and give them a more pink look (not so red like usual).


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